The Power of Consistency

As a beginner, it is very easy to give up especially when you post an article, you do not get a single like or a comment, and when you look at the stats, they are not encouraging and you can get disappointed. Often times, I had to keep reminding myself why I started in the first place. I also realize that even Rome was not built in a single day, I encourage myself and I write and post another one. Continue reading The Power of Consistency

Rituals: When it does matter.

One of the most significant lesson I have learnt especially from my late twenties up to now is the importance of having a ritual. For any goal you want to achieve, or desire a  standards to hold ourselves up to, rituals are what will back up your endeavors. We set our goals then back them with daily routines and behaviors. Rituals define us. If you are physically fit you have a ritual that causes your fitness, if you are spiritually alert, you have a daily routine that causes your alertness. English advanced Dictionary defines ritual as ‘any customary observance or … Continue reading Rituals: When it does matter.