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Becoming More Brave and Extra Effective

Parent as a Coach

We help bring the power of coaching to parents to assist them support their children identify and achieve their goals.

This module is designed for parents whose children have completed their life, career or school performance pathway plans but can be delivered as a stand alone workshop.

This Parent As Coach workshop includes activities to assist parents become aware of the strengths of their own parenting style and assist them learn the key skills they need to make them an effective change agent in young people lives.

They will learn key coaching skills and how to lead powerful conversations using The G.O.A.L model. This structure allows for targeted optimistic and strength based conversations that assist young people strengthen the self awareness and resilience they need to overcome obstacles and achieve their identified goals in all areas of their life.

Parents will…

  • Review their current parenting experience
  • Identify their vision for positive parenting
  • Understand their parenting style and key strengths
  • Identify priority areas they want to work on
  • Identify potential blockers to moving ahead
  • Understand the key skills of coaching
  • Learn and practice the G.O.A.L conversation
  • Design action steps to achieve their parenting vision

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