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Coaching Young People for Success

What is Cypfs?

Coaching Young People for Success (CYPFS) is a complete life coaching program.
The CYPFS Program includes all aspects of personal, academic and career development and comes with eight coaching modules that can be delivered separately or together, one on one or as a group workshop.

Coaching Modules

My Life & Career pathway Plan

With a key understanding of their own uniqueness each young person will complete the five P.O.W.E.R coaching steps, assisted by a step by step power point presentation and a series of coaching floor card sorts and other coaching motivational activities. Click to Read More

Steps for My Life Success

With the assistance of a step by step power point presentation and powerful coaching activities and the coaching card sorts, the CYPFS Leader will assist young people design a tailor made, “Steps For My Life Success” pathway plan that can be used to focus and fast track positive and lasting behaviour change in all ongoing coaching sessions. Click to Read More

My School Performance

The Steps For My School Success Module is designed to motivate students in Years 10– 15 to take responsibility for their own learning and set meaningful learning goals from the inside out. Click here to read more

Moving Up

From Primary To Highschool

The workshop includes a step by step guide that prepares primary school students for their transition to high school. Read More

Parent as a Coach

We help bring the power of coaching to parents to assist them support their children identify and achieve their goals.

This module is designed for parents whose children have completed their lifecareer or school performance pathway plans but can be delivered as a stand alone workshop. Click here to read more

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