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The Lows and The Highs – What is MelPhleg Anyway? (Guest Post)

Do you know yourself well? Which is your temperament and which character in the Bible do you think shares the same temperament as you? #Personality Temperament Test While recovering from depression and anxiety attacks, my counsellor gave me a personality   temperament test, to help me best understand myself so that I can be able to […]

Beyond the Blues; Post Partum Depression

Do you remember when we talked about depression and we said that even positive life events can be stressful and may eventually lead to depression if mismanaged? Well, having a baby can be one of those events.  Children are a blessing from the Lord but sometimes the transition can be hard especially for the first-time mothers. Post […]

Where Was I during Your Distress? – Muthoni Ngugi (Must Read)

This one is directly from Jesus’ Heart to Mine; To grant me divine healing after I went through a very excruciating betrayal and months of pain, not so long ago . May it encourage you who may also be in the furnace of fire or in the process of healing . Read: John 11:1-44 The […]

The Pain That Changes You – The Balm of Gilead.

Going through intense pain changes you, especially when you realize the Lord is your only comforter through the Holy spirit. It makes you compassionate. It makes you want to reach out to a hurting heart, because you know what it’s like to be in pain and have no one understand you at that moment, other […]

Do We Know All of God’s Ways? The Unchecked Fire.

Thinking you have it all figured out why that person’s behavior is off or how you think they have sinned, hence the suffering. You even go to the extent of pointing it out to their face directly or indirectly. Now, this person is already under the weight of extreme emotional and psychological pain, as Job was, so your words are like handing them a rope.

The Pain or the Person? The Gold in The Garbage Pit.

Vulnerability When one has been in solitude for a long time as a coping mechanism, it takes insurmountable courage to express themselves; the thought of putting yourself out there, makes one feel very vulnerable. Your mind tells you solitude is safe. However, what I have learnt in my journey towards healing is that fear for […]

What do you know about perceptions?

Perception is the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the five senses. It is a process by which individuals organize and interpret their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their environment. You can as well say it is the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted. Through […]

Are our plans not dependent on the continuance of our lives?

D. J. De Haan, an American Bible teacher wrote a poem, the poem goes like this; Though life is often filled with pain, though death looms just ahead, The Lord can fill your heart with peace and take away the dread. That is amazing, it then takes me to a favorite scripture in the book […]


Depression gets worse if the individual has little or no support. Stress without support is what leads to depression and suicide. Do the best you can to support those around you that have been diagnosed with depression. How do you talk to a person who is depressed? Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of […]

You need of a Website? All that You Need to Know.

We no longer exist in a cocoon, with advent of tech and growing ease of access to information, it does not suffice to have your brick and motor business and assume you can get your customers from your local physical community. Website helps you to expand your customer base and enhance your visibility.

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