We should build a network of trustworthy mental health professionals around our communities. Sometimes people we know and fellowship with may experience trauma that is too much for them to heal from by themselves and might need more help than we can offer. As a church we should have a referral list and information about the mental health services in our community. This gives people in our congregations the confidence to seek for help when they need it and to do so early enough.


We live in a society that stigmatizes mental health so much that it denies depression, but mourns suicide

~ Anonymous

I came across this statement sometime back and it is just sad how true it is. Just recently when looking at the statistics on the suicide cases globally and in our country I wondered if our ignorance concerning mental illness especially in our local churches has contributed to the stigma.

Truth be told, most of these suicide cases caused by underlying mental illnesses like depression and anxiety disorders are not usually sudden. The victims live with these mental illness for a long time until it overwhelms their capacity to cope. So the question is, how do we as the church and as individuals participate in breaking the stigma and preventing the mental illness cases from turning into suicide cases?

What is mental health?

WHO defines health as the state…

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