This one is directly from Jesus’ Heart to Mine; To grant me divine healing after I went through a very excruciating betrayal and months of pain, not so long ago . May it encourage you who may also be in the furnace of fire or in the process of healing .

Read: John 11:1-44

The Lord said:

“You have been trying to heal, but your healing has been hindered because you have not known where I was during your distress. Indeed, the enemy has even told you that I condoned what happened to you. That liar told you that I didn’t care, just because I didn’t stop it.  But the truth is, I hate what they did to you.

Hear Me again: I hate what they did to you.

Sin is never from Me. Even though they claimed it was, it wasn’t. I know I did not intervene like you wanted Me to, but it was for a good reason. Beloved child, you had a small destiny before. Circumstances did not allow Me to bring you fully into the dream I have for you. But now you have a large destiny, because I have set you free. You have been slow in healing because your heart has been hurting. You have not known why I did not rescue you. But now you will know. You will know the greater sphere of My plans more than you ever would have been able to know them before. Like Lazarus, I am raising you from the dead right now.

I wept in front of Lazarus’ tomb not because he was dead, and not even because of the sorrow of those around Me. Did I not tell them they would see the glory of God if they would believe? But I would have you know today that I wept before my friend’s tomb because I hate what this sinful world did to him, and to them all. I hate sickness. I hate death and disease. I hate heartbreak and pain. I hate ALL the symptoms of sin in the world. It is for this that I came–to destroy the works of the devil. I came to destroy heartbreak by healing the brokenhearted. I came to rid the world of sickness by releasing My healing upon it. I came to heal the world of pain, for I bore the pains and griefs of everyone who will believe. And I want you to know, beloved one: again, I hate what they did to you.

I was there with you through it all. I felt every lash against you as a lash upon My own back. I heard every cry and groan for help. I bore the pain and heartbreak you suffered, right alongside you. And now I have set you free. You can be free to heal now. You will be able to heal now. I have loosed you and let you go free, and you have entered a greater realm than you ever could have entered before.

I know you trusted Me throughout the process. You did well to trust me. But during the process, you were so injured that you have had to fight off the lies of the enemies that told you these attacks were from Me. They were not from Me; and, although I allowed it, it was only because I knew where I would be able to take you on the other side. But they were not from Me. I never approved. My heart broke with yours, both for them and for you. Not one moment did I approve. And now I make all things new.

Come out of your grave, for it does not belong to you anymore. I make all things new in your life. Meditate on this revelation that the attacks against you were not from Me, and your heart will be healed. You have not been able to sense my love for a long time. This has been because, deep down, you felt that I was responsible for your pain–or that I did not care. But now that you know that I hate what they did to you, you will be able to sense My love for you again.

I have never stopped loving you. I have always been right beside you. I have been holding you up as we walked up Calvary’s hill together. And as we have suffered together, now you will enjoy My resurrection. You will receive My perfection now. You will enjoy many good things in this new season, and it’s all because you were faithful and trusted Me. You did well to trust Me, for I have carried you through.”

My Response

“Lord Jesus, You are right. I have inwardly believed that You approved of the things that people have done to me. But now I know You don’t. Thank You for taking care of me through it all.

Dear Jesus, please heal my heart, and make me new. I receive all Your new and healing works in my life by faith in Your Word right now.

Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Father.