Going through intense pain changes you, especially when you realize the Lord is your only comforter through the Holy spirit. It makes you compassionate. It makes you want to reach out to a hurting heart, because you know what it’s like to be in pain and have no one understand you at that moment, other than God. You become very much aware of God’s love. He shows you He is still there in a very personal way. He wakes you up at night with songs of comfort and peace. He whispers words that no one can debate you out of.

He ministers to your spirit during the day and confirms it at night, when you hear one of His true ministers speak of that same word and then you just know, He is right there with you. He puts a song in my heart at night and when I wake up, that’s the first song being ministered during morning devotion. Yes! He gets personal like that because He knows, He is the only one holding you together.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

So when you get to this point, you become very much aware of hurting hearts around you more than ever before. Also your heart is so full of compassion; Nowadays when a conductor is rude to me, instead of getting offended or giving him a bad look, I smile at him and say; have a blessed day. I no longer see that rude person; I think; “what if he has had a long bad day?  What if he cannot pay his rent or provide for his family and now he is just feeling worthless. Or even worse, what if he’s gone through so much in life and he just feels lost and depressed? Will I make things better for him by talking back rudely? No.

But a kind word will most certainly make a difference. It may not even be of impact to him or her instantly. He might even down play it at that moment, (as most hurting people do because they’re not used to people being Kind to them). But believe you me, it will come to his mind later. And it will probably be the only kind thing that happened to him that day.

When I see a child with long overdue shaggy hair going to school, I don’t wonder “can’t her parent do something about it? No, first I wish I had the capacity to help her, (yet probably at that time my daughter’s shoe is torn,) then I remember God is the giver of all things, and I say a prayer for the child. When I see a person drunk during the day, I don’t think, What a loser? And what is wrong with him! Can’t he get his life together! No, I think of other million things that could have led him to that situation and my heart yearns for how he could get help.

Now, this does not mean I advocate for bad behavior, irresponsible or “responsible” drinking. My point is; I am now able to know there’s a distinct difference between the person and the pain. Because I have been there and I wished someone did the same for me too. I wished someone wasn’t so quick to mock me, disregard me and wrongly accuse me when I was in so much pain. I wished someone reached out with kindness and understanding. Saw me for who I really am beyond the pain. I wished someone did not take advantage of my vulnerability.

I wished someone chose to genuinely become a part of the solution rather than be a part of magnifying the problem by adding to the wounds… The world is going through so much turmoil. There are a lot of people walking around in pain. People’s hearts have grown so cold. Betraying each other right left and center. So why don’t you purpose to be found on the right side? Love’s side. Be a co-worker with the Balm of Gilead. Our Lord Jesus Christ.