The year is almost over. My heart is eager to experience an awesomeness of a new year!

I want to continue sharing ideas for living a life that’s dictated by design. One key difference of people enjoying a peaceful life and those who find it hard is a choice between being epic or choosing to be normal.

There’s nothing “normal” in building a business, ministry or a life you desire. Most people avoid all kinds of discomfort and effort to do or go the extra mile. They do not want to experience personal growth and a change. All they want is stuff themselves with fries, watch TV all day, give excuses, gossip and cut corners whenever they can.

If you want to join the group of people who
possess self discipline and who are pursuing their goals, some people will consider you a weird, an outcast. What this means is that you need to prepare yourself for potential ridicule, being frowned upon and mostly being misunderstood.

To overcome and rise above this situation, I want you to know and understand that “normal” is the meal for the mediocre, “exceptional” is the ideal for the high achieving individuals/businesses and trailblazers. Don’t be cowed into mediocrity by wanting to fit in, refuse and set new standards for yourself. Set a path for yourself, press on and focus on the price.

Be awesome!