Have you ever asked yourself or wondered who you live for? Every morning when you wake up and maybe step out from your house, is it only about yourself or you have someone/something else in mind that somehow inspire you dress up and show up.

I recently shared with my friend how I rarely now watch movies and how I no longer have the luxury to view some of my favorite TV programs. The reason, I am raising a 3 year daughter. I have given up quite a number of things and substituted that time with more deliberate activities aimed at ensuring I do not compromise the wellbeing of my family. And the reason is, I do not just live for myself, but also for them.

After being told he and other are weak for they do not eat meat as Englishmen do, Mahatma Gandhi, in a classic book, The Essential Gandhi fixed a secret to experiment with meat by eating goat meat. Gandhi family was strictly vegetarian and he was very devoted to parents and to this religious conviction.

The experience was not good as he had wished. He explains how he had a bad night afterwards. He had a horrible nightmare which haunted him. If his parents came to know about him being a meat eater, they’d be deeply shocked and it was devastating him.

Gandhi said to himself, though it is essential to eat meat, deceiving and lying to one’s father and mother is worse than not eating meat. Gandhi concludes, in their lifetime, eating meat must be out of the question. Later, he confessed it to his father who dropped into tears and he could see his father’s agony.

Gandhi draws an objective lesson from the experience about love and non-violence. I reflected on what was going on in young Gandhi’s mind at that time and one thing I realize is that he knew and understood, his life was not just his. He paid close attention to his parents in what he choose to do. And I believe that’s impeccable.

What have you given up for the sake of someone valuable in your life? Is your life just for you? Spread love, be compassionate.