I like reading books. Although I do not consider myself a reader, I must say I find fun reading. Books to me are like windows, helping me gaze at the universe and its inspirations. I read two books simultaneously, in the morning and in the evening as I cruise to and fro work. Currently I am reading The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. It is quiet an informing book and I thought of sharing one concept that he has written that echoed something that I have always believed.

Are we any lucky than others? No one is luckier than the other. We are all lucky in a way. If you are living in a free society, breathing, having some food or are healthy, you are incredibly lucky. We are all lucky, but do we take advantage of how lucky we are. How do we take advantage of all luck around us? Preparation! That is what will determine how much lucky you will turn out.

Darren introduces what he calls a complete formula for getting lucky what I’d love to call, The work. The work that need to be done.

  • Preparation (personal growth) + 
  • Attitude (belief/mindset) + 
  • Opportunity (a good thing coming your way) + 
  • Action (doing something about it) = 
  • Luck

 I paraphrase what he says of each combination: –

Preparation: When you consistently keep improving and preparing yourself in terms of your skills and knowledge, you are positioned to take advantage of ant opportunity that comes by.

Attitude: Since luck is all around us then you need to be able to see all situations as fortuitous. You cannot see what you do not look for and you cannot look for what you do not believe in. Powerful!

Opportunity: Luck, he says isn’t forced. It’s a natural occurrence, and it often shows up seemingly of its own accord.

Action: This is the body, where he says you come in. Luck is delivered to you; it is your job to act on it. This is what will separate you from the rest. Are you willing to take action to grab on the opportunities?

So, as Darren says, no more whining about the cards you were dealt with. It’s time to act. One day at a time