Who or what is your detractor? Each person has detractors, a business executive, a minister or even an employee. For some, the distraction is so open and public, for example the politicians, but also it could be hidden and within our lives. We run across people who think their way is better than our way.

Competency is one’s ability to be an authority in a specified field. Let’s relook authority to help us understand what it means in literal sense. We are raised at a young age to respect and hold into higher degree those in authority than those without much credentials. If you have siblings, consider the difference in response when they told you to do something versus when your parent or guardian told you to do the same thing. You are more likely to comply if your parent told you to do something. That’s authority in action.

The truth is, Authority breeds power! What then is the best way of gaining authority?

So how do you gain competency? It is way easier than you think. There are so many opportunities for those wishing to enhance their skills. The modern age of communication powered by technology makes it way easier. There are so many websites that have sprung up and offering free content. For example, Coursera, Udemy and even social media site like LinkedIn. Other than these, there are how-to videos on YouTube that comes in so hardy and are from authoritative sources. You can start as a beginner and grow to an expert.

You want to become more authoritative? Keep sharpening your saw, keep learning to become more competent….ignore detractors!