Day 315: Embrace The Hardships, They Hold Your Story!

It is the struggles we encounter through our lives that help us write our story and make it beautiful. It is easy to feel tempted to give up when struggling but remind yourself that you are writing a story.

Easy come, easy go, but steady diligence pays off.

Prov 13:11

Easy come, Easy go! It is very hard to remember or value the things that came into our lives easily. We often do not consider them important. The truth is, a relationship or possession acquired without effort may be abandoned or lost without regret.

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When you are working so hard, persistently to achieve your goals should not be seen as unpleasant thing that you need to do. It is life itself! It is a state of us human beings to be inspired by pursuing stuff and being innovative in a way that make our lives more fulfilling. A life without challenges is not inspiring, it does not lead us to realizing our potential.

So, look at your hardships for what they are. An amazing opportunity to embrace yourself, grow as an individual and beautiful story you will be able to share with other people in the future.

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