Yesterday I shared about dreams, the need to dream new ones. To dare and be brave enough to dream even when we have doors closed in front of us. I was contemplating about dreams today and I realized, merely speaking, a dream is just but a dream. The dreams I hold for my life are wishful thoughts that I make. I dream about a family, my spouse and even my career. We all possess dreams of things we hope will come to pass. Hopefully, in our favor.

I wanted to think of something more deeper than just a mere dream. I came across a word, calling. A calling is the inherent gift inside of you waiting to be expressed. Something that, on expression could change the course of human life for better. It is something placed in your heart and it is going nowhere, the goodness of your heart. It is waiting manifestation.

Get the difference and be clear about it. Why? Because you cannot build your life around a dream. You can only do so around your calling. Around something that is core in your life, something deeper! It is good to dream about an amazing job, a beautiful family and so on but, you cannot build your life around dreams. Dreams keep changing, some will pass by and some will come to pass, but your calling goes nowhere. It sticks around, discover it and build your life around it. Mine is to inspire people and help them find solutions to their problems enabling them to be able to do stuff that matter to them.

What’s your calling?