I really wanted to know how to edit audio files recorded. This is after noticing that raw audios usually do not sound good. Audio editing is a novel field for me area bearing in mind I do not have any prior skill in audio engineering or something of the sort. I was feeling bad that I am not in a position to edit these recorded files. Then it occured to me that, for every problem or a challenge you face, there is a resource a person can tap into to overcome and solve a problem.

In my case, the key was to discover what I needed to do and immediately start pursuing. Majority of people will become discouraged or frutsrated when they cannot solve a challenge rather than adopt a resourceful attitude and start looking for solutions. In my case, youtube was the resource I needed. I have learnt a lot so far, how to Compress and Normalize, Noise reduction, Hard limiting and so on making my audio sound better with Adobe Audition.

My experience now is that there is nothing good that come out by covering our eyes and hoping a challenge or a problem you will encounter will just go away. The best way to prepare yourself is by visualizing the challenges and see potential solutions to them.

Anytime I encounter a problem, I maintain a “solution is available” mindset. I pause and imagine possibilities, almost everytime, I manage to resolve what can be termed as huge challenges. That has been my strategy. It works for me, I do not run from problems, I believe there is a solution and I start seeking it with bravely.

Do not run away from problems, find a way of solving them. Problems have been known to hold greatness in them.