Day 311: The Key Element That Continue To Suppress Men.

When it comes to men’s health issues, depression ranks as one big problem. It is good to point out that men are only half as likely as women to develop a major depression. But why are so many men committing suicide if you compare with women?

From my own experience and perspective, communication is a key element. Women are more willing to share their problems while fellow men harbor the problems within themselves or drink it off. Generation for so long have encouraged men to be strong and consequently not admit that they are struggling.

Society tell boys that ‘boys do not cry’ and thus condition them from such an early age not to express emotions because doing so is weak. Men have been told they need to be tough and should figure it out. These rigid norms make it hard for men to reach out and seek help. I have seen it happening and we do it very innocently. Men of course ought to be strong but also admitting a problem or a struggle is also strength.

The consequences are problems in work and in relationships. Men describe what they are going through as stress which is easier to deal with rather than sadness. It is hard to know because we deny our illnesses, we self-monitor and self-treat. The challenge is that many men self-treat with alcohol or they isolate themselves. Making depression and other health concerns flourish.

So we need to redefine what ‘strong’ is to our boys. Tell them, it is okay to feel the emotion and it is okay to cry and admit struggle and in need of help.

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5 thoughts on “Day 311: The Key Element That Continue To Suppress Men.

  1. True words. Being strong in these sense needs redefining. Communication is very key especially as an outlet and with today’s stress and pressures which are not like the past years they tend to affect people on an emotional level. Very good to write on this and create awareness

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  2. Toxic masculinity is really big especially in Kenya, In fact it was just the other day that there was a trend on Twitter with a lot of toxic masculinity. It’s like to be a man means suffering in silence to most men. So confusing.

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    1. I feel we still hold to the teaching by the previous generation and not appreciating the change and how far we’ve come…We need to raise our boys differently! Thank you

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