I was not aware until I received a text congratulating me for being a wonderful man :), only one text! I later bumped into social media and I scantly could see memes and updates thanking all men who have been responsible. I decided to dig more to know and possibly appreciate this particular day set for us men, and that is dubbed International Men’s Day.  

Every year, International Men’s Day is marked internationally with an intention to gleam a limelight on menfolk who are making a positive difference and to increase awareness of concerns men experience globally. The day seem to go by without so much notice, for my case. The same day, UN also mark the Worlds Toilet Day to raise awareness on matters to do with sanitation.

Without really fussing about the day and whether appreciation toward men was enough, there is quite a number of issues facing men that include mental health, toxic masculinity, suicide, and lack of positive role models, depression and distress among others and are important paying serious attention to. Suicide has become the principal killer of men below the age of 45 and statistics are staggering. According to America Society for suicide Prevention, in 2017, men died by suicide 3.54x more often than women did. On average, there are 129 suicides per day. The Males accounted for 69.67% of suicide deaths in 2017.

Such issue are important for us as a society. Encouraging men to have open conversations about topics such as their mental health and depression is thus very crucial and very necessary.

According to Independent, International Men’s Day is observed on a yearly basis by people from all walks of life, who care the continuous effort to improve lives, heal damaged hearts, seek solutions to social problems, mend troubled minds, reform the social outcasts and uplift the dysfunctional.

Photo by Artem Podrez on Pexels.com

This year’s theme was advocating the need to promote, value men and boys and help people make practical improvements in men and boy’s health and well-being.

Other than just the issues facing men, International Men’s Day inspires men to lead by example. Young men need positive male role models; our society also desires positive male role models. My believe is that, if we can enhance this, we will be creating a society that is fare and safe for all of us to excel and flourish.

Now you know about International Men’s Day, next year encourage a Man or a boy and do not forget to make a positive difference on any Man or a Boy you come across today and forever.

Thank you and please share.