Sometimes it Hurts to Heal

This kind of pain will not kill you. The doctor is no longer worried that your life is in danger. However excruciating the pain gets, the surgeon knows that you are on your way to recovery.


I know pain is not a good thing. Pain is defined as a highly unpleasant emotion associated with actual or potential tissue damage. However, there is a kind of pain that is good. Pain that has a purpose. I like to call it pain towards healing. I know you are wondering how something that even the dictionary considers as highly unpleasant can be termed as good. Stay with me, we’ll be on the same page in a moment.

Let me use a complicated yet simple analogy to explain why I think there exists a good kind of pain. There is a surgical procedure called exploratory laparotomy. The procedure is done by making an incision to open the patient’s abdomen (belly). Normally, when a patient with abdominal symptoms visits the doctor he/she will take history and perform physical examination. While doing this the doctor is supposed to visualize the patient’s anatomy…

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