Coronavirus has brought about an unprecedented global shutdown. Almost all countries have imposed full or partial lockdowns. With the current pandemic, many people have given up on their goals and projects they had initiated.

With such kind of situations, we can only imagine what the consequences will be like. We are gripped by the fear of not knowing what the next weeks and months hold for us. It is like our life is on hold. You are told you cannot leave the house and if you do, you are advised the far you can go. Business risks suffering and consequently families too.

It has become very hard to plan ahead. What are we expected to do?

Although life as we know it appears to have stopped, you will agree with me that nothing really has stopped. What has actually changed is the normal things we used to do, for example, shaking hands as a way of greeting. What we treated as abnormal is what actually is being considered as normal, for example, the number of people allowed in a gathering, either during a burial or a wedding.

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Having said this, and with this new revelation, it simply means you cannot give up on your goals rather, you should calibrate them to reflect the current reality. The normal is no more, there is a new normal.

People will continue to feed. People will continue to use technology. People will invent news ways of communicating and continue building relationships. You cannot give up on your important goals, in such a time, calibrating your goals will shield and help you thrive and become steadfast. For some, it means stepping out of the comfort zone, it will call for a change in how we run our affairs. It calls for bravery to chart a new path.

If you calibrate an instrument, you adjust it so that you can use it to measure something with accuracy. You make fine adjustments until you get optimal marks you will use to measure. You can do the same to your goals. Adjust them. Find new ways of doing things yet achieving the same end result you desire.

Be brave and explore, you will find a way. Let’s brave together, we’ll all find a way.