Day 305: Narrow Down Your Choices!

‘Cheshire Puss,’ Alice began rather timidly, ‘would you tell me please,
which way I ought to go from here?’
‘That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,’ said the cat.
‘I don’t much care where…’ said Alice.
‘Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,’ said the cat.
‘… so long as I get somewhere,’ Alice added by way of explanation.
‘Oh you’re sure to do that,’ said the cat, ‘if you only walk long enough.’

– Alice in Wonderland.

Sometime back, I had a chance of taking photos using a digital camera during a conference, I must say, it is not my forte, it is long time since I last did it. Reviewing the photos later, I would give myself a 7 if not a 10. Quite a number of images were not focused and thus won’t realy be of much value.

In taking professional photos, there are some rules, for example, ensure you are using the right ISO, avoid shaking the camera, learn to use the expose triangle and so forth. I found myself, at some point taking random photos. Immediately it hit me, if I have no idea of what pictures I wanted to take I’d be in total confusion and I may not capture important shots which would be detrimental.

After this experience, I realized that until I narrow down my choices in a meaningful way, and like a cameraman (Amateur or well experienced), I will be firing shots in all directions, hoping to hit a nice shot, even then we are not sure what that shot would look like. In your own life, once you become aware which choices are most likely to bring you happiness and fulfilment, decisions become very much easier to make, it become clear on what you want, and you ready to go out and get it.

And so it brings me to this conclusion; one of the key reasons why most some people find it hard to achieve goals or enjoy a fulfilling life is that they are not clear about what it is they want. It takes us back to the scene shared above where Alice is lost in the woods in the famous Alice in Wonderland story.

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One thought on “Day 305: Narrow Down Your Choices!

  1. Very true, indeed we should know what we want and work towards it. You have conveyed the message in a very friendly way. I have learnt something from this. Thanks for the good work.


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