When you were growing up, at any point, did you ever feel like you did not fit in with your peers? Were you in tune with the kids in your neighborhood? How did you relate with your peers, did you get well or did you struggle to have them understand you and be friendly. How did this make you feel?

According to Webster dictionary, a misfit is a person who is different from other people and who does not seem to belong in a particular group or situation. To put my point in context and explain further, allow me to share with you a famous story in the scriptures, forgive me for I will not get into so much details though.

To fully grasp the story of this woman, It is important to understand that Samaritans were a mixed race of people having intermarried with Assyrians. For this reason, and maybe others, Jews hated the Samaritans. Also, women accused this special woman of immorality, probably they accused her of stealing from them their husbands.

The woman faced prejudice in the community she was living in, not only because she was a Samaritan but because she was immoral. To understand her predicament, she drew water in the afternoon when everybody is at home probably enjoying a siesta. She could not do so in the morning as it was the norm to avoid ridicule and probable stoning. People shunned and rejected her. They accused her of immorality. She had become a misfit.

Jesus, as a Jew, would have rejected her and not dared speak to her but he did contrary to that. He went on to speak to her. It is documented that Jesus broke three Jewish customs with his actions of choosing to speak to her. First, she spoke to her despite being a woman. Yes, you heard me right. secondly, he asked her for water despite her being a Samaritan, remember the Jews hated them. Lastly, she asked her to get him water using her jar which would have made him unclean. Is it not amazing!!

What happened afterward is nicely documented in the scriptures. Jesus, by virtue of interacting with her, making her a friend changed her life forever. She was to be stoned, but everyone walked away stooping for they could not dare throw a stone to her, they were hypocrites. No one viewed her a misfit any longer. She experienced genuine love.

We human have a tendency to judge others because of their color, how much money they have, the kind of clothing they are on among other prejudices and stereotypes. You may have labeled others as worthless, labeled single women in your neighborhood as husband snatchers and young men as losers, but we need to stop that now, we have a perfect example to emulate, Jesus, he treats people as individuals, accepting them for who they are with love and compassion. I will ask you, do not dismiss certain people as being lost but see them as valuable in their own right worthy of experiencing love.

In a different environment under varied circumstances, we are all probably misfits.