Day 302: Want to Give Up Or Control Things? Read This!

I am pursuing a goal which I realized is giving me goosebumps. I am not sure how it’ll turn out and the reception. The only thing that’s keeping me desiring to pursue the goal is realization that courage is feeling the fear but acting anyway. I realize too that I may not pursue it if my Faith is weak.

As I keep pondering on my goal, I quickly realized how we desire to control our circumstances (both internal and external), getting things done and the place of Faith: how faith is a surrendering of such control.
Again I noted how we naturally tend to rebel against Faith by trying to figure it out – my figuring out is scaring me tempting me to drop it all together. The problem is that I know better. I know Faith!

But what’s Faith? Scriptures in Hebrew defines it as an assurance of something you hope for. Assurance that you’ll receive or achieve what you are hoping for.

Take a look; when you are unwell, you go to a doctor who possibly you don’t know, he gives you a prescription you can not read, take med from a pharmacist you can’t see and take the meds you know nothing about the chemical composition. You trust the doc, You trust and have hope on the process.

Keep moving despite the challenge. Have Faith.

Faith is not based on feeling neither is it being optimistic. So, it’s an encouragement to you if you’re pursuing something and you’re feeling like me, want to give up or want to be in control of circumstances; develop Faith, trust the process. Genuine Faith encourage people and Endures unanswered prayers.It’s just a matter of time.

So, I’ll keep pursuing this goal. One day at a time and more revelations.

2 thoughts on “Day 302: Want to Give Up Or Control Things? Read This!

  1. When my ego wants to sow doubt in areas where I know I need to act on faith, it helps me to remember all the times that the Divine saw me through difficulty after difficulty. I might have had fears, but each time, something came through to keep me on my path. I believe that if we are doing the will of the divine here on earth in order to honor the purpose our lives hold, that we become the hands and feet in service to that higher power. So after a while, faith becomes a muscle that one uses to power through what is difficult.

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