I know I have introduced you to thought provoking ideas for a better living in the course of this year. But this one here from the Socrates will hit you differently. The Socrates, as written by Alain de Botton compared living without thinking thoroughly to practicing an activity like pottery or shoemaking without following or even knowing of technical procedures. One would never imagine that a good pot or shoe would result from intuition alone; why then assume that the more complex task of directing one’s life could be undertaken without any sustained reflection on premises or goals?

How far do you think you can go?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Without any progress in the past, you basically would not be where you are today – it has taken some progress whichever way. If you want to achieve a certain level or standard in your life, you will need written targets and actionable steps. Can you tell if you are making any progress if there is no way of measuring it? definitely no!

Part of the progress measurement involves taking a broader view and checking if your overall productivity plan is working for or against you. You can think of it as a performance review, for your life or career. When you know what is not working, you can take a necessary step to save the situation. You can cut out things that are failing you and adopting what you know will help you.

Evaluation and reflection then become very key in helping you remain truthful to your goals. My encouragement is that you set a timer for 10-15 minutes and do nothing else but think about your current issues or anything that has been on your mind recently. Pausing for 10 minutes every day will give you incredible insights on how to move forward – especially on your goals.

Sometime, and actually most of the time, we tend to think more than we act. We spend a lot of time reading through than actually implementing some advice. Other times, we are caught up in action and fail to reflect on it. Pausing helps balance this. More results are ensured when you act and reflect on it. This gives you a higher level of effectiveness. It helps you with the technical know-how and you will not just act on feelings only, and just like the Socrates notes, one would never imagine that a good pot or shoe would result from intuition alone.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com