I could no longer hang on his! When you face unknown, we revert back to what we know, it is safe. I wanted to be accepted and embraced back to the fold. I wanted to sink in to oblivion, I missed the safety of the veil! But I could not talk about it.

I did not know who I was. I was a recycled version of everyone, I was my father’s ambition, my husband’s dream, my children’s idea of a heroine. I was a photocopy of everyone and an original verson of no one. I knew I was lost but I couldn’t remember the last place I left myself. I pray, I pray so hard that I will always be enough.

Listen to Elizabeth Muguchu as recounters her experience in finding who she is. I love her courage to speak our her struggles in shedding other identities and her quest to find her own. Listening to her will challenge you and I to understand that we are enough and we are not defined by our roles in the society!

Let me know your thought on finding your identity!