I believe that each one of us at some point have encountered an obstacle in their life that threw them off balance. Obstacles we face are only but a reminder of how human we are. It is a reminder that there is nothing one can’t achieve if only they believe and give this life their very best. And so, don’t beat yourself so hard!

While you are transitioning from one season to the next and when thing gets rough and tough, disappointments fall on your way and frustrations hover around you, prepare for the very best and know that whatever you so desire will one day manifest into something one could only imagine. When they go low, go higher!

Psalm 107:29
He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed.

Stay positive, walk shoulders high, pick the fallen pieces and give what you can.
Watch the kind of words you speak to yourself and to others and know that every word you speak has power and an energy to change the situation you are in for better or for worse.

Be encouraged. keep pushing on. It is a matter of time before you leave the cocoon and blossom!