Day 294: The Value Of Team Work And Shared Responsibilities.

On birth, a Spartan child was determined whether he was strong enough to one day become a soldier in the Spartan army, otherwise the male child is killed – they did not tolerate weakness. Later, the successful boy is taken to a training camp where among other things they are trained war tactics. Spartan were always ready to confront an attack.

One incredible training they went through is how to fight in a united group. Discipline dictated and there was no room for an “every man for himself” mentality. During fights, they formed formations with their large shields on each side making the formation hard to break.

Spartans were feared for their strength, courage and fortitude. What is striking about the Spartans is that their prowess did not come from the sharpness of their spears but from the strength of their shields. If you lost your shield in the battle, it was termed as a very huge offense any Spartan would commit. A Spartan warrior would be excused for losing his helmet or breastplate in battle but not the shield, actually he would be punished by taking away his citizenry rights.
The reason for this is so simple, a warrior carries a helmet and breastplate for his own safety but his shield for safety of the whole formation.

What am I drawing your attention to by sharing this? The strength of a group does not come from its ability (resources, education etc.) but how well each team member pulls together. Your safety is in the safety of the team and your success too.

Anytime you bring a new person into your hood, that person must therefore share the responsibility of looking after the entire hood. They must contribute to the wellbeing of everyone in that hood. It is the team work, a culture of shared responsibility that ensue the team thrive and achieve its obligations.

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