The main enemy to focus is distraction. Everyday there is a temptation to pull away from consistent focus on our personal affairs, which include our goals. As a result, we find ourselves being tossed to and fro by concerns of life. Keeping focus means that we are purposefully fading out anything that is pulling us away from our goals. The trick is staying focused in today’s culture of busyness.

There are different paths for us to choose and take every day. You can choose righteousness or unrighteousness. Most often the right path is often filled with uncertainty and disruptions making it less travelled. Choose the right path, remain focused and enjoy the process.

I have had challenges getting focused especially in the digital era. Social media is designed to keep us glued and scrolling. With all the notifications and pop ups, it is hard to focus! I had to be deliberate how to minimize the distractions to enable me focus in more important tasks. I believe you may also have found yourself in similar situations. Not necessarily social media, but some other sort of addictions that distracts and cause you to be less focused. Addictions are repetitive and cause no progress and worse still their payoff is incapacity.

Since most of these activities you are engaged in are central in your life, activities like your academics, work, focus plays a crucial role in achieving success we deserve. Think about the activity you repeatedly do without focus; you might succeed in the process but fail in progress. Focus helps you with progress in the sense that you are able to understand and explain concepts – why one thing leads to another.

Glasses help those use them see more clearly. Without them, everything looks blurry! Focusing on important tasks takes discipline. Lay down your fears (fear of missing out), worries or anything that distract and drain you the energy you need to focus. Ground your focus on faith that God is in control. Clean your spiritual glasses so you can see more clearly –  with more focus.

So, what do you think has been a major distractor in your life? Do you think, eliminating it will help you remain more focused?