Today I have been thinking about self esteem and what builds it up. In high school, every motivation speaker told us about self esteem. But what is it and why is it important? Other than self esteem, there are other key words which I’ll share with you that help build up our esteem.

First, self esteem is knowing that we can determine our own course and we can travel that course. The confidence that, if all was to fall apart, we’d find means of putting things back together again. It is not how much confidence you have in how people perceive you rather it is the confidence in whether or not you can manage your life.

Having introduced self esteem, a key area that builds up our self esteem is a sense of self-responsibility. This means that you hold yourself accountable for your own happiness. In short, you are in control of your life.

Being able to stand up for yourself without being defensive is termed as self assertiveness. Defensiveness is as a result of fear while assertiveness is a result of confidence.

A parting short, strive live purposefully, this will build your esteem. Be mindful and intentional. Understand that your purpose is where you are. It is in the work you are doing or the service you’re engaged in. When you understand this, you will infuse your days with a sense of purposefulness because it is something you deliberately choose and not something you wait to find.

Keep building your esteem. Understand efficacy. Keep building your esteem.

What has worked on your esteem? Kindly share your thoughts.