Day 290: Focus On Yourself! Improve YOU.

The Last two days have been so busy for me. Jumping from one task to another. Today, I went home feeling exhausted,…looking forward to tomorrow. This, what you’d call busyness to simplify the arguments got me thinking and it taught me a priceless lesson.

When we are celebrating our birthdays and of those we love, we can’t help but realize how far we’ve come from. Birthday is a milestone. This kind of milestones do not create emotional fulfillment as we hope they’d.

Look at this, every beginning of the year, we come up with resolutions to change our lives rather than coming up with resolutions to change ourselves – our core. And I think that’s where we go wrong.

Asked what she is grateful for, her response was that she is grateful for herself! That hit me differently! What if we made goals that were more about loving what we have rather than chasing stuff that we do not? Focus on growing us, our spirit and soul.

So, where do you begin? Pick up where you left at. Finish reading that book that you started. Apologize and mean it. Call your old friends. Find new ways of appreciating people just the way they are and not the way you want them to be. Build up from there…

Make time for your friends. You have more friends than you think. Start appreciating how rare it is to even have close friend in your life. We are all not so lucky.

Furtherance to that, go on and write something your body allowed you to do today. Myself, I have told you that I had an engaged day today. I appreciate my body for allowing me to carry out each task successfully. Write everything, even the ability to hear some nice music or listening to the sounds in the forest. Focus on what your body is able to do than how it looks like.

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