It is easy to say, my clothes are getting smaller and fail to recognize that actually it is you who have grown bigger. Sometime, and most of the times we fail to recognize how far we have become. We fail to notice how much we have changed. It is our friends who reminds us, you have really grown, they say. I was not recognizing you, they add. We barely notice some of these changes probably because we are always with ourselves every day, so to say. This is normal, because we focus on what we are yet to do and fail to recognize what we have already been able to accomplish. This makes us unable to offer ourselves credit we deserve.

It takes a lot of introspection and awareness to know how far you have come and how much you have been able to accomplish. Let me share some tips that will jog your mind and help you realize how much you have advanced over time:

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You have accomplished something you would have previously considered impossible and hard to reach. For example, you just graduated with an undergraduate degree or you just wrote your first blog…

When you are with your friends, you have more to share or talk about and not just your problems. You have more topics to discuss and not just gossips.

You have become aware that our definition of romantic kind of relationship is not physical but more of a personality.

You now know the worst can happen and it actually passes away. You lose a job then found another, lost a relationship you valued and you move on. You now know that there is a difference between certainty and safety and faith is all that you need.

You no longer subscribe to every doctrine that come along your way. Doctrines that do not make sense. You have developed your belief system and you have grown spiritually.

You do not worry about trying to fit in. You love yourself wholly and you have realized that you only need to keep working on yourself to experience life fully. You also do not blame people and other circumstances for your problems anymore.

You can boldly speak about your problems and how you overcame them.

The list is endless. You now can see how far you have become. What else can you add on the list/ I will appreciate your comments.