Freedom comes in many ways. For example, it is so liberating when one understands that everything that happens for a reason, to help us. Help us grow in wisdom, in courage and in stature. It is all about changing the way you perceive your life. This guides your thoughts and behaviors

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I have learnt that it is easy to define or see yourself as a victim of circumstances and also you can define or see yourself as an individual who have been exposed to an opportunity to grow, change, expand and see life differently. The circumstances maybe difficult and very uncomfortable and thus define yourself as suffering or look at them as signals of what you need to learn.

Anytime you think or understand the purpose behind every pain or suffering, the feeling of discomfort fades away. It turns the stimulus to an opportunity. A learning opportunity.

These two mindsets are defined by whether or not we believe that we create our own experiences, internally or whether our experiences are created for us, from an external source.

When I look at modern day politics, it propagates in us the feelings that, our experiences are tied to external sources. This is why people stay in power and keep others small and oppressed. Anytime you think and believe you are a victim; you give away your power. When you do so, your life instantly start being led by other people’s ideas. One of my greatest lesson of life is, if you do not know what you want, advertisements and commercials will help you. I do not think that is so good.

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When I personally discovered that, I can now create my own happy, no matter the circumstance, I can create it here and now. My joy is not dependent on the surrounding, I create an internal environment that allows me to be in peace with the external situations. Sometime my internal happy influences the external. And that’s my goal, always!

At some point, we will experience difficult circumstances, no one is immune to some sort of suffering. If you want to enjoy peace, understand that there is purpose in every single suffering/pain we experience.

You are awesomely created. Do you think this makes sense?