Day 284: You Are Never Crowned Untill This Happens!

Rules are good. Every institutions, organisation – big or small and even families have rules. Individuals have rules they live by. I think you cannot make significant progress or become your desires without rules. Rules are everywhere! The second book of Timothy 2:5 says ….And also if anyone competes in athletics, he is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules. Paul is saying something very simple yet very significant, if we desire to be crowned, we will have to strive within the rules.

I have shared many of my sentiments on this space about adopting behaviors and principles that you will need to progress. You need to adopt and live by some specific rules inorder to make your decison making process more efficient and also be able to make choices that are aligned with your values.

Rules you have for yourself are not for the times when everything is working and going on smoothly. Rules are primarily when you are tempted to give up or when you are slowing down. That is when you experience the power of rules. You create them to prevent yourself from making wrong choices no matter the circumstances.

For example, I have created a rule that I should not shout at my daughter. When my daughter, for example is doing the wrong thing, the natural instinct is to shout at her to stop. At that particular moment, I am under temptation but my rules stop me and I invite her for a conversation. The reason I adopted this rule is because without it, I will miss an opportunity to teach my daughter and help her grow.

When you are tempted to break the rule, which you have established for yourself, remember why you created it in the first place. Breaking it means the reason why you choose it is not important to you anymore. What does it say about you when you break your rules? Are you reliable? Can you trust yourself to keep the promises you made to yourself? Do you have rules you live by in the first place…..

2 thoughts on “Day 284: You Are Never Crowned Untill This Happens!

  1. Interesting Read, James. This is actually something I am trying to live by these days. I am trying to create a better relationship with myself and the rules and boundaries I create for myself. Keep up the Good message.

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