Day 283: Do Not Stay Chained When You Have The Keys – Give Yourself A Green.

Holding on to pain does not in any way fix or solve it. When you choose to replay the past over and over again, remember or know it does not change the past and the fact that it happened.

Most cases, where it come to past, all you can do is accept whatever it is that happened. Accept what you are holding on to and let it go. That is where change starts to happen.

Let go what is hurting you even if it look impossible. This is the only way to build a strong self. A self not defined by a painful past but by what you want to become. Many people have a challenge letting go, maybe because that’s the only thing they know. Some people think the past hurtful feelings is part of their identity, this is not the case. A painful past does not in any way define or give you an identity. Your identity is intact within you. Letting go opens up new possibilities of improving the person that you are and you want to become.

So, do not hold your self chained up when you have the keys. Understand that you cannot control other people’s actions. We only can only control ourselves and how we act.

Finally, accept the things you cannot change. Stop wishing how things could go back to the way they were once. Be present. Life happens when you are present. That’s where the all the game is. You cannot change the past, you can only learn from it. make decisions today to help shape how your future will turn out.

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