Day 280: The Knowing-Doing Gap. Knowing What To Do But Doing Something Different! But Why?

Among so many other possible reasons you haven’t chatted your paths is because you have bowed to procrastination. You realized, from nowhere that your are not ready and so you keep pushing what you were supposed to do today to tomorrow. If you do not know what procrastination is, let me let you know what it is: it is giving in to resistance! Robert Sutton calls it a knowing-doing gap! This means, having the knowledge of the thing you ought to do but choosing to do something else.

Common knowledge says, if you ate better, had enough sleep, choose positive and affirmative thoughts, spoke honestly and connect with others genuinely, you will have a good life. But with all this information, why do we choose and act differently?

It is all to do with resistance. There are reasons why we sabotage ourselves. Consciously or subconsciously, and the main reason is comfort. Anything that moves you out of your comfort is resisted. No one want to be vulnerable on the arena. It’s the famous ‘ rather the devil I know’ state. What we fail to understand, it immobilizes us.

Having understood that, to untangle yourself from that kind of resistance, not wanting to move out of your comfort zone, you will need to change your perception of comfort. It is about considering the alternative. It is about focusing on the discomfort of not doing the things you’re supposed to do compared to the discomfort of doing.

My encouragement is, procrastination will leave you with a shell of the person you intended to be. Do not let it rob you of your productivity. Knowing- doing gap will only keep you in a dangerous state of INDECISIVENESS – do I or do I not.

The solution is to maintain the big picture. The big picture is usually the alternative, which is how your life will be if you do the thing in front of you.

For example, how can you quantify this year? Did you do what you said you’ll do? What time have you wasted?

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