Day 279: Without Yellow, It is Not Possible To Have Many Other Colours. Did You Know That?

Do you know how the color spectrum is created? Did you know that, doing away with one color makes many other colors impossible to have. Without yellow, it is not possible to have any shade of green. The same to happiness in our lives. Without happiness, it is hard to thrive and become. All different kinds of happiness, matter.

Psalm 126:2 quotes, “Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy.”

But what is happiness? Before we think or define what happiness is, understanding different types of happiness will help answer that.

There is happiness that is sensory. The kind of happiness that we experience when we smell the air after the heaven showers the ground or when we have a good meal when hungry.

Another kind of happiness is that of grace. You know that kind of happiness that you feel when you do good. Being grateful. You experience it, for example when you see you closest people flourish and there is a ‘thank you’ within your heart. When you say a prayer and exercise humility.

When you excel in something, you experience happiness of excellence. This is happiness that comes out of pursuing something greater. The idea of falling in love with the process. In other words, it is happiness that originates from pursuing meaningful work. It is the kind of pursuit that builds character. Pursuing something greater and not just pursuit of pleasure.

The beauty of different types of happiness is the fact that one type does not replace the other. Without one, the other is neither. They are all necessary. Without red, it’s impossible to have orange. Lots of red will never give you orange. Pursuing one kind of happiness doesn’t solve the problem.

What happiness are you pursuing? Sometime, we fear pursuing happiness due to fear of unknown. For example, happiness of excellence demands stepping out of our comfort zone and pursue greatness. In other words, this kind of excellence is also termed as self actualization. It’s hard work! It is falling in love with the process. But, when you get there, it is loads of happiness!

Pursue your happy!

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