Day 275: How To Drop ALL Unrewarding Behaviors.

Are your mannerisms working for you or are they sabotaging your progress? So many of our responses are automatic and so it is important to focus on them to make sure all our behaviors and mannerisms are all empowering us.

What do you do the first thing you wake up? Do you pray, read or check your phone for notifications? When you get to the office, do you automatically start gossiping? When you are so fatigued and there’s still some work to finish, what do you do, watch TV or do you get the work done? Make a list.

The beauty of doing this is that it helps you take stock of your habits and helps you identify which one to keep and which to discard. It helps you become aware of the behavior and thus enable you identify your blind spots. Identify and drop what is disempowering you.

With heightened awareness, you can identify every day habits that negatively affect your resolutions and thus helping you achieve greatness in your life. The easiest way to kill harmful behaviors is to identify them, one by one.

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