Not just a story

The redemptive power of the cross is limitless. It’s relentless and no one is ever too far gone. I certainly wasn’t an exception,I didn’t always believe this but that is a story for another day.

Here are the pieces

PS :He is no longer on it

Way back then when i used to like watching Tv, i would querall a lot with my sisters over what tv show to watch. They liked the telenovela shows and I as a young boy prefered watching something with some fist throwing and a lot of cars.(I of course grew out of that phase). They would always win as they were stronger and bigger.
Though I pretended not to like the show, I was always struck by how resilient the love of the main characters were.They would face challenges over and over, some of which were life threatening but in the end would end up together and have a happy ever after. They had majestic acts of love, which by the way set unrealistic standards of romance that most boy children can’t measure up to. ( so ladies tone it down a bit…

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