Day 274: This Is What Make Strategies To Succeed.

I hope you are well. I also trust you had a terrific Tuesday.

Strategy is king. I was thinking about strategy today and what makes it king. What kind of plans win? Recently, I read something that made a lot sense, that for your business to thrive, you should not be worried about your competition, so to say. What you should be worried about is whether your business has plans on how to keep innovating new products. Politically, you do not speak ill of other people’s ideas, doing so sets you for failure. What you do is come up with a better idea to counter your competitors’. You fight mediocre ideas by developing better ones. That separates you from the opponent. You give them a run for their money.

For a strategy to succeed, understand that it is a team effort; it is never a one man show. You cannot do it alone, it’s never meant to be done alone. We ought to join with others who have diverse views as well as experiences. Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed as written in Proverbs 15. Chapter 20:18 of the same book says “Make plans by seeking advice; if you wage war, obtain guidance.”

My final shot is just to remind you, It’s easier to aim and shoot at a visible prey than to shoot in the bush thinking you will hit the prey! Do not guess, know. That’s what make plans and strategies succeed.

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