When you are working on your resolutions, it can get rough and tough. Same case if you are struggling with an addiction, whether alcohol or any other sort of addiction. It can be overwhelming for most people and they think of the need to give up.

When you come to such a situation, what I have found working well in my own life, and lives of people I have observed closely is taking each day at a time. The famous lyrics reckons, help me oh Lord, to take each day at a time. So, go through what you are going through each day at a time.

The idea is to leave in the moment/present. One day at a time. Yesterday is a memory, it is gone. Tomorrow is a promise. Today is a guarantee! I do not imply you ignore the past or the future but I am encouraging you to take the opportunity of today to change your life by seizing it. You cannot seize opportunities today present you with if you’re not living presently!