Day 270: Never Call Yourself A Leader If You Do Not Do This!

Hello there. I trust you are doing well. I also trust your Q4 is promising!

Today was a busy day for me. I did not manage to write during the day. It’s late night now and I felt I needed, as I encourage you to keep going, to remind you the value of leadership but more importantly, how to tell a true leader. You know someone by what they do!

If I find you fishing, you are a fisherman. If you are mindful about the next generation, you are a leader!

A politician thinks about the next election but a leader thinks about the next generation. If you are in a leadership position, and you’re not thinking about the next generation, stop fooling us, you are politicking!

A leader eats last, as Simon Sinek tells us!

Keep well. Keep learning. Keep discovering. Lead.

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