Day 269: The Process Of Unbecoming To Become! Consistency Introduced!

When I think of consistency, I think of proverbs 24 where it is written, “The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again. But one disaster is enough to overthrow the wicked”. It has quite a ramification in our day to day living and actually when you start thinking about being consistent. It means, falling is not a good reason to drop your goals for another which is easier.

Consistency is everything. It is not optional if you have to make sense of your existence. It is what we are, we are created to be consistent. Inconsistency to me is similar to indecisiveness! Two killers of true self and dreams!

Consistency is the bridge between a dream and the reality. It is the evident of maturity and a pathway to mastery. If you focus on something consistently for some time, say 5-10 years, you ultimately become an expert in that field.

Personally, I have struggled to make something meaningful because of inconsistent! I do one thing today and then drop it picking another – self sabotage, for lack of a better word. I would call that being tossed to and from – if you know, you know.

Getting a flow and developing a rhythm in my life for my goals and values has been a huge steep to conquer but I am getting there with time. It gives me the guts to even write about it now. There are so many distractions before you get hook of it, but it is worth it. When I fall, I know it will get better than the fall. I realize it is normal to go through a process, a process of unbecoming to become!

This principle of consistency is everywhere, in accounting, they call it consistency principle. It means, once an accounting method has been adopted it must be applied consistently in the future. Same methods must be used for similar situations. You do not change accounting policies at your will, there are grounds that substantiate that. If you change, you must disclose the nature of change and state the reasons for the change and its effects on financial statements.

Bottom line, consistency! Keep building even when it gets dark!

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4 thoughts on “Day 269: The Process Of Unbecoming To Become! Consistency Introduced!

  1. Consistency is very important. I really struggle with it too. My friend like to say that luck is when a broth made of constistency, grit and preparedness eaten with opportunity.💖💖Great post

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