Day 268: Always Be Mindful Of Your Utterances!

Kondraty organized an uprising in Russia but was unsuccessful. Such an act demanded that he be sentenced to death by hanging. On the actual day, the rope broke and he fell to the ground. He got up and he supposedly told the crowd watching the execution that Russia was an “unhappy country, where they don’t even know how to hang you!”

In such circumstances, the prisoner was pardoned, so a messenger was sent to the Emperor to know his pleasure. The norm was that the Emperor was to ask what the prisoner being executed said. He asked, “What did he say?” “sir, he said that in Russia they do not even know how to make a rope properly,” the messenger responded. “Well, let the contrary be proved,” said the Emperor tearing down the pardon paper.

The satisfaction you get by your sarcasm and biting words could be outweighed by the price you pay. Once foolish words come out of your mouth, it is very hard to take them back. What you say, how you say it, where you say it bear consequences, BOTH to self and the public.

And that is how Kondraty was executed! Mind your utterances!

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