Day 266: You Are Doing Way Better Thank You Think If….

You have paid this month most crucial bills. Maybe you had extra to save or spend on non essentials. It doesn’t matter what you had to do to make it happen, the fact is that you did. You figured it out regardless of everything.

You have a job you wake up to. No matter how many hours you work or how much you are earning, the job is helping you eat or sleep on something. You are able to clothe yourself. It doesn’t look the way you thought it’d be but it’s helping you to be independent, which is very important as it shows that you value taking responsibility of yourself.

You’re doing well if you question or doubt yourself or your life. Sometimes you feel miserable. This implies that you are still open to growth. It means you have self awareness and you are constantly looking for ways to grow.

There are so many areas of your life that you can review and realize how well you are doing. If you stopped being too harsh with yourself but appreciated where you are. This is the only way to gain energy to soldier on.

What is working in your life?

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