Day 264: Gratitude Works, Gratitude Scales! Here’s Why?

Sometime, I lazily walk into the pharmacy after Purity calls and asks me to get her some medication. I was exhausted having slept less than three hours the previous night and after a hard day at work that day, the only thing I want now is just head straight home, lay on the seat, have tea and unwind.

I do not know why but when you are feeling weary, tendencies to feel annoyed increases, someone can enlighten me there. This fateful afternoon, on reaching the pharmacy reception, the lady stands and asks how she may be of assistance and I tell her the kind of medication I am looking for. Her colleague, who I suspect is a doctor based on the questions she asked me, rush to ask where the patient is. They have an extension of a medical Centre, and she was hoping Purity would come and maybe do some diagnosis before recommending any medication. I quickly tell her we just need medication to ease the pain.

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They ask me to have a seat and wait for medication of which I gladly did. I got impatient after five minutes, as there was no indication of someone handing me the medication. The lady notes my uneasiness and she asks me to wait a little while as someone will serve me immediately, I nod. Remember I am tired and someone is in pain and need the meds, I can only get infuriated. Thanks to my spirit, which is patient. Another five minutes goes when I see another lady dressed like a doctor. She gets in the counter toward the pharmacy store. Knowing I am being served finally, I exhale. Immediately another woman pops in, I think she is the one who the doctor was taking care of. I thought I was being served only to realize another five minutes are gone and I just seated, the seat is hot now.

“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” 

Col. 4:2

To be sincere, I was feeling I made a mistake to drop to this specific pharmacy. I hold on and allowed myself be kept busy by my phone. Minutes later, the woman get served, I am told to head on to the counter where I find the doctor having packed the medication and she gave me the instructions. I got a big relief, I exhaled and I was thinking of words that I should say to the two ladies at the reception. Guys, you have really kept me waiting, I do not think I deserve that. Next time, please serve your customers faster! Luckily, these words did not come out; I said a big thank you. Thank you, I appreciate that assistance were my exact words, I paid and left.

Something immediately changed inside of me, I felt like some weight had been lifted up from me. The response from the two ladies was amazing, You are welcome, Wishing her well. This whole scenario played in my head until I got home; it got me thinking the value of appreciating others and most importantly being grateful no matter the circumstances. I choose to be grateful for the assistance not minding the time I spent waiting, all this time they were thinking of me, how to serve me with the right medication.

The main lesson I leant is, when we choose to be grateful it is for our own selves, often we may think we are doing the other person a favor when we choose to tell them Thank you but I learnt that everytime I chose to be grateful and express it to the other person, it is for my own good. I walked home happier and more relaxed. At least I made someone else have an easy afternoon. I took my tea smiling and I was able to comfort Purity!

Study shows that people who are grateful tend to show higher levels of well-being and happiness. They feel better about themselves and their lives, and improved mental health. They may even sleep better, lower stress, depression and anxiety! Expressing gratitude to those who have given us something, whether that is out of the goodness of their hearts or in the line of duty, also helps them to feel good, and improves their self-esteem.

Choose to be grateful, it is for your own good.

And summing it up with Seth Godin’s words,

Gratitude works.

Gratitude scales.

Gratitude creates a positive cycle of more gratitude.

When in doubt, default to gratitude.

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