Life is not simple. You know this when you start pursuing goals. You expect enthusiasm as you do so. But know this, enthusiasm is a good friend – a fair one indeed. When problems come visiting, a fair friend will not do much, the only friend who can stand with you is a true friend – endurance.

No matter how enthusiastic and energized you are about your goals, a day will come when everything gets stuck and all you want to do is call it quits, you just want to give up. You are not enthusiastic again. At this point, you will discover that, it is not enthusiasm that will keep you going. What will make you continue is your resolute to do the things you said you will do and you determination to finish what you stated – endurance.

Initially, when I started blogging, I was so enthusiastic. I was looking forward to craft the next article. As time went by, my schedule grew tighter and so it was not so easy for me to write. Time became so limited for me. I nearly dropped my goal of an article a day for this year. If I stopped, it would be against my value on consistency and I will miss an opportunity to learn and instill perseverance in me. So, I will continue sharing nuggets daily.

Keep reinforcing your habits and keep going the course even when the voices in your head are screaming give up and quit. Keep going even when it is difficult and you are growing feeble. This is the only way to train yourself to develop empowering behaviors and sticking to your resolutions.

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