Day 262: Who Is A Hater? (How To Not Stoop So Low In Response)

A hater is a person who disrepute, devalues or downplays a person’s accomplishments. It does not matter if you do or not do something. A person somewhere is going to say something undesirable about you. There is nothing you can do about such people.

According to; a hater is a person who thrives on showing hate toward, criticizing, or belittling other people or things, usually unfairly: The guy is just a hater, looking for a fight.

Let me say this; The problem is not the haters, like I said, there is nothing much you can do about them, but how we respond. Most people have a tendency to concentrate more on one single instance of hatred than the many people expressing their love for our work or us.

Experiencing hate can serve to build mastery of ourselves. You can choose to stoop so low in a way that you radiate hate back or ignore it and focus on something else that is more important to you. It is an exercise!

 Instead of responding to criticism, sarcasm and skepticism, look at it as a mere annoyance that is testing how patient you are. This scales down the ‘hatred’ to a level where it is not worth your minutes and energy. Disregard hate and you will regain your power. You will save your moods by not engaging in negative emotions.

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