Day 261: What Happens When You Teach Others?

They say we learn tons when we choose to teach what we know. If you want to make the knowledge and skills in your head better organized and internalized, teach others! It is one sure way to strengthen your self-discipline and knowledge base. When you share what you know, your ideas become better and they get polished. That is why I write, and recently my friend and I started a talk show to solidify our knowledge and build self-discipline.

When you find yourself having a conversation with a friend who is having hard time working on his/her goals, d0 not hesitate to share your experiences or become unofficial mentor to that person.

Teach other people how you succeeded in your plans or how you overcame struggles. When you help them achieve their successes, you are also solidifying your own success.

If you do not want to teach others, write down. Teach yourself how to write a journal or a private blog. Write down your experiences, lessons in life and your conclusions. This is a great and a valuable way to improve yourself.

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