Day 256: Why Thinking You’re Infallible Is Unproductive.

I write to inspire, to provoke and to share ideas that would help you remain or become effective. I talk about my struggles, which actually are the reason behind my writing. I want every person who read what I share to understand that hard times are inseparable from human life and are part of the whole process of becoming. Everyone experience it at some point in life, if someone claim they have never failed or experienced hardships, they probably would be lying.

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Psalm 46:1

When I started out after college, I was hesitant to ask for assistance. I would face problems and go through difficult times silently. I was afraid to share my troubles with others and reach out for help. Later along in life, I have discovered that it is wisdom to share my struggles with others and reach out for help when I need to, and especially when I am struggling to work on my goals. No one is infallible, thinking so is unproductive.

Burying your head like the famous ostrich and denying that you have a problem or you need help does not make you any better than that person who openly admits they have a challenge and are looking for assistance.

The only shame is in failing to recognize you have a problem or challenge because doing so robs you an opportunity to grow and be more effective.

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