Day 255: How A Small Yes Can Bring You A Big Yes.

Every time you are going through a transition or a challenge, making small decisions matter a lot. For example, using a skipping rope to initiate a healthy lifestyle (like I am doing) make no sense as it is not going to show results immediately, but it is going to matter in the long run. It actually does not feel like a real decision, it takes courage to start and make that small decision toward a healthy lifestyle. Every yes to a small decision in the right direction will matter in the days to come.

Every time we think of a shift in our lives, we tend to think of making huge decisons and big leaps. Those are the ones probably most people consider courageous. My experience goes contrary to that popular belief. Small decisions that are intentional require a lot of courage and bravery. Most people ignore small decisions, we value grand decisions. We rarely want to put effort into thinks that are relatively insignificant. From experience, that is where growth begins!

If you are stuck in any of your efforts and prospects, brave yourself and make small decisions with the big picture in your mind. Any small yes will end you to a big yes. The vice versa is also true, saying little noes will allow you to do great things. The noes will give you some space that will allow other things to grow.

If you do farming, or you have a small garden where you grow stuff, you know very well you cannot say yes to everything that is growing in there. Saying yes to everything that is growing will rob you the space to grow the important things; the vegetables you desire. You will need to remove the weeds.

Which part of your being do you want to grow? What, if it grows will bring greatness? Do not take the small decisons lightly….And what you allow to grow in your garden. Remember what you plant, you will harvest.

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