Day 252: What Is Shame Anyway – Our Story Silencer!

It is another day and my hope is that you are doing well. Because taking the first step toward achieving your goals mean a lot to me, I love sharing with you what could stop you from starting and what could trip you as you work on your goals. Today, allow me to just expose you to shame. If there is something that have harbored so many people including myself is shame! We have at some point felt shame! My own definition of shame is the feeling of being inadequate and unworthy. Because of this, you feel that you do not belong, either to some place or even a position. It is such a strong emotion.

Dr. Hartling says that, for people to deal with shame, some withdraw, others hide or silence themselves and opt to keep secrets. The challenge with all this is that they move us away from our genuine story. Shame is about fear and a feeling of disconnection. You feel disconnected from others. The story we are being moved away from by shame is that of feeling worthy and that of embracing our imperfections.

Yesterday I shared thoughts on imperfections and I wrote that one way of killing this disease is embracing our own imperfection. Doing so brings courage to try, compassions toward ourselves and others and more importantly, it breeds connection.

If you want to start something, own your story first. If we want to live fully, enjoying everyday moments, we have to kill off the constant fear that we are not enough. Do not exaggerate shame! Recognize shame and deal with it with intention. Know when shame is happening and get deliberate on how to respond. Just do not allow it to stop you.

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