Day 250: Gratitude Lights You Up & Builds Up Your Faith To Start.

A muscle is made stronger when it is exercised. Absence of exercise makes the muscle feeble and un-useful. For a case of a tree, you prune and throw away such un-useful branches – you also burn them. They are unnecessary and not important.

Resistance make your muscle stronger, so, stand up and face your fears now. Face your giants in faith. Be prepared and wait. When god speaks, faith get born. Until he speaks, please wait.

Do not fear challenges. The greater the trial, the more the experience. Embrace the difficult moments and be thankful in them. When you can find something to be grateful for during such hard times, then you will have found something to build up and increase your faith.

Meditate on how god has been faithful to you. Rest in god but do not grow complacent in the comfort.

As you wait, you build and grow the greatest strength because (in the waiting) you are resisting the strongest adversary, your own heart.

Dedicate your life to educating yourself. Information makes you more confidence and bold enough to take steps of faith- other than being speculative, evaluate very situation with concrete information. Think long-term as this makes you become more objective when you are facing difficult moments.

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